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Model: V101

Resolution: 4K@30Hz

Characteristics: 4 in 1 out

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Minorder 1

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Description of HDMI Multiviewer The 4x1 HDMI Quad Multi-viewer is a high performance with four HD screen segmentation and seamless switching output switch. It can display 4 HD digital video signal on the same screen. Allows 4 different HDMI devices (computer, laptop, DVD player, console etc.) display on the same screen (TV, monitor, projector) at the same time. Resolution is 1080P@60Hz for input, 4K@30Hz for output.   Features: 1. Plug & Play, HDCP coincident. 2. Can be switched via button and IR control flexible. 3. Easy to install, practical and stable switch.  4. Supports 1080P, 2K and 4K output resolution. 5. Versatile Application. Can be used widely in multi-player games/ IT Business/ video meeting/ exhibition hall/ TV marketplace/ stock market/ display mall/ education/ surveillance etc. 6. 4 Display Modes. Support One View Mode, Two View Mode, POP Mode and Quad View Mode. 7. Supports Cascading. You could connect and use a few same Multiviewers together to display more images in one screen. 8. Supports Audio Switch. You could switch the audio sound or mute the sound in all modes, choose the sound you like. 9. Provide extra diversities on the display options. Transmit HDMI signal up to 10M input, 5M output without losing picture quality.

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